Cyber Threats, Fraud and Scams

Terms of Use

This Cyber Threats, Fraud and Scams Notice forms part of the Grimsey Group Website Terms of Use.  The Terms of Use can be accessed through the following link. By using the Website and/or engaging the Grimsey Group you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and to read this notice.  This notice will be updated from time to time and you agree to access it regularly to read any updated version of it.

Defined Terms

Defined terms used in this notice have the same meaning as provided in the Terms of Use.

We prioritise your security

The Grimsey Group prioritises the security of your personal information and the safety of your money.  You can contribute to online security by having a basic understanding of online safety and sensibility. Please find below some useful information to help you manage your online communications and transactions with the Grimsey Group.

If we become aware of any scams or frauds perpetuated under our name, we will endeavour to raise awareness of this illegal activity on this page as soon as possible.

Phishing Emails, Pop-ups and Phone Calls

Be aware of emails or pop ups that purport to be authored or sent by the Grimsey Group that redirect you to an external site, require you to divulge sensitive information, contain demands for money or financial data (such as bank account or credit card details) or that offer prizes or awards that are at odds the Grimsey Group usual business of providing professional services.

The same applies to any phone calls you receive where the caller says they are from the Grimsey Group or calling on its behalf.

If any of the above applies to a communication you receive, and/or you are suspicious of the communication then don’t divulge the requested information or do what the communication requests of you.  Do not in any of these cases attempt to reply or contact the alleged sender or open any suspicious emails or attachments. If possible take a screen shot of the communication.  If it is a phone call end the call without providing information.  Please contact a Grimsey Group staff member as soon as possible to report this.

Any legitimate Grimsey Group emails will always come from a Grimsey Group email which ends in If you receive an email from a person who claims to be from the Grimsey Group but with an address other than do not click any links in the email, open any attachments or take action based on the content of the email.  Please call a Grimsey Group staff member to inform them of it as soon as possible.

Grimsey Invoices

Any legitimate Grimsey Group invoices will be sent via an email which ends in

Grimsey Group has not changed its bank account details since its inception in 1983.

Grimsey Group will never:

  1. Invoice you through SMS or instant messaging application
  2. Request a payment to us, the ATO or any third party via email
  3. Request or provide personal details (including bank details) via email

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a Grimsey Group invoice, please contact:

Telephone: (03) 8341 8888

DO NOT call the number stated in the email attaching the invoice that you have doubts about.

Reporting Threats, Fraud or Scams to Us

If you have any other concerns or know about threats, or any attempted fraud of scams which use our name, we would greatly appreciate if you can contact:


Telephone: (02) 9692 8818

For More Information

It is impossible to list out all the different types and techniques of scams that may impact you.

If you require further information on cyber threats and scams, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provides a useful reference and referral site –