Targeted support for doctors, dentists, and health professionals transitioning to retirement

Ensure you have everything in place to enjoy the next stage of life and live the life you want the way you want.

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Transitioning to retirement is easier than you think with the right support

Our proactive and tailored approach to your financial health builds wealth and simplifies the transition to retirement. Our experienced team of advisers, accountants and superannuation experts go above and beyond to ensure your move from full-time work to post-work freedom is as smooth as possible.

Empowering you with timely information and expert advice, we review your financial position, tax and superannuation situation and suggest innovative ways to maximise your retirement income. In a time of significant personal and professional change, you can trust us to safely guide you towards the next fulfilling chapter of your life.

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Transition to retirement services


We guide you on the various tax implications and different tax treatments relating to your income and retirement.


We advise you on the most tax-effective ways to access your superannuation while minimising unnecessary costs.


We help you make provisions for the future and set up arrangements to ensure your wishes are followed.

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Ease into retirement in style

After a career driven by hard work and dedication, transitioning to a slower pace of life can be a challenge. To ease your way into retirement, we provide financial guidance on changing to part-time hours or taking on consulting work. We’re here to help you make the most of your post-work life.

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Control how your wealth is distributed

As your trusted financial partner, we provide guidance and peace of mind when planning your estate to ensure your wealth is distributed as you wish and at a time of your choosing. With four decades of experience behind us, our estate planning services include us working with your estate planning lawyers to assist you with wills, testamentary trusts, powers of attorney and guardianship directions.

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Help in transitioning to retirement


Tax Advice

Estate Planning

Wealth Advisory