Our People

At Grimsey we are more than just advisers,
we are passionate advocates for your financial success.

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grimsey paul pettofrezza

Paul Pettofrezza

Managing Director, Grimsey Group

grimsey daniel stefanetti

Daniel Stefanetti

Director, Group Wealth Advisory

grimsey katharine suchanek

Katharine Suchanek

Group Executive Manager

grimsey vitri hertanto

Vitri Hertanto

Executive Assistant

grimsey klara rosaline

Klara Rosaline

Group Finance Manager

grimsey helena tjhie

Helena Tjhie

Corporate Finance Assistant

grimsey kylie russell

Kylie Russell

Corporate Registry Services Manager

grimsey elyse grimsey

Elyse Grimsey

Marketing Manager

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Adam Underwood

Group Risk, Compliance and Governance Officer

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Tax & Accounting

grimsey montgomery kirsz

Montgomery Kirsz

Director, Tax & Accounting

grimsey andrew mercuri

Andrew Mercuri

Director, Tax & Accounting

grimsey dario biskupovic

Dario Biskupovic

Director, Tax & Accounting

grimsey matt taylor

Matt Taylor

Associate Director, Tax & Accounting

grimsey samantha woo

Samantha Woon

Senior Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey adam muftar

Adam Muftar

Senior Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey kendra pham

Kendra Pham

Senior Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey emily zhang

Emily Zhang

Senior Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey leon manago

Leon Manago

Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey nicole hronakis

Nicole Hronakis

Adviser, Tax & Accounting

grimsey xavier luo

Xavier Luo

Adviser, Tax & Accounting

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Allison Young

Client Support Manager, Tax & Accounting

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Wealth Advisory

grimsey jonathan mcwhae

Jonathan McWhae

Director, Group Insurance

grimsey jeff bonnici

Jeffrey Bonnici

Senior Financial Adviser, Wealth Advisory

grimsey maria mesiano

Maria Mesiano

Client services Manager, Insurance

grimsey daniel harris

Daniel Harris

Senior Financial Adviser, Wealth Advisory

grimsey lee hutchison

Lee Hutchison

Financial Adviser, Insurance

grimsey tori pettofrezza

Tori Pettofrezza

Provisional Financial Adviser, Wealth Advisory

grimsey kevin so

Kevin So

Senior Financial Adviser, Wealth Advisory

grimsey elana stephanatos

Elana Stephanatos

Financial Adviser, Wealth Advisory

grimsey monica barber

Monica Barber

Client Service Associate, Wealth Advisory

grimsey mishal asrar

Mishal Asrar

Client Service Associate, Insurance

grimsey harrison davis

Harrison Davis

Administration Manager Wealth Advisory

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grimsey anthony franklin

Anthony Franklin

Director, Head of Group Lending

grimsey stuart grimsey

Stuart Grimsey

Associate Director, Lending

grimsey christopher smith

Chris Smith

Lending Adviser

grimsey tara coburn

Tara Coburn

Lending Support Officer, Lending

grimsey krishna vuppala

Krishna Vuppala

Team Leader, Lending

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SMSF Administration

grimsey wee kho

Wee Kho

Senior Manager, SMSF

grimsey vivienne moretto

Vivienne Moretto

Client Support Assistant, SMSF