Corporate Profile

At Grimsey, we are passionate about our purpose, values and maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Corporate Profile,Values,Grimsey

We care out our reputation and the communities in which we operate

Grimsey is committed to making a + positive  difference to the financial health and wellbeing of doctors, dentists and allied health professionals.

We do this by supporting the medical and dental industry and community-focused events and by living the values we identify as representing who we are as people, a brand and through our reputation.

Our values


We work and behave in such a way that others think of us as experts, reliable and respectful. Professionals are a credit to not only themselves but also to others.


We work and execute beyond expectations and explore what results we can deliver for our clients with the unwavering belief that we will achieve it. Passionate people are always looking to achieve something special.


We have a realistic view of our world and constructively manage our emotions. Being practical, we are reliable, efficient and effective and get things done logically and commercially.


Everything we do is tailored around what works best for our clients in a compliant and efficient way.


We are focused on what can be rather than what is, and always chase the next goal for ourselves and our clients. Proactivity involves more planning and better execution of tasks without our leader requesting such action. It is the ability to act, take responsibility and make decisions to achieve a specific goal.

Corporate Profile,Values,Grimsey

Gobernance and Compliance

Grimsey Group and its related entities (“Grimsey”) is committed to continuously reviewing and improving our governance practices and procedures and ensuring they are aligned with our business’ needs. Effective corporate governance is key to our ability to deliver on our purpose and strategy.
The Board regularly reviews and refines its corporate governance arrangements and practices in light of new laws and regulations, evolving community expectations and the dynamic environment in which Grimsey operates.

Grimsey remains focused on shaping an evolving culture that supports the achievement of business strategies, including sustaining our focus on risk culture to enable better outcomes for our people, clients and community.

Our purpose

Grimsey’s purpose is to make a positive difference to the financial health of our clients. We are guided by our values.

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Board composition and committees

Advisory Board

Grimsey Group Advisory Board – Current membership includes:

  • Paul Challis
  • Paul Pettofrezza
  • Mark Aranjo
  • Daniel Stefanetti
  • Danny Orlando

Wealth Board

Grimsey Wealth Pty Ltd Board – Current membership includes:
  • Paul Pettofrezza
  • Mark Aranjo
  • Daniel Stefanetti

Board Committees

The Grimsey Wealth Pty Ltd Board has three principal committees that assist it in carrying out its responsibilities:
  • Risk & Compliance Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Investment Committee